"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about."

Singapore is multicultural and religiously diverse. It is important for all to play its role in keeping Singapore’s harmony. Al-Islah Mosque has been actively involved in engaging the community e.g. religious organizations in Punggol, harmony circle, and neighboring residents.

Community Health Screening
The collaboration with Singhealth Sengkang General Hospital.

Blood Donation Drive 
The collaboration with Singapore Red Cross.

Pre-Ramadan Visit
The objective of this visit is to inform the residents of the upcoming month of Ramadan.

The Prophet who Loves Green
This event is in support of the nation's green and sustainability initiative.

Li Taarafu
This event is to create awareness within the community regarding special needs. In this event, there will be a series of talks, workshops or seminars.

Blessings in Harmony
An event where people from all walks of life contribute their time & effort for assisting those in need. This event also provides a platform for people to showcase solidarity and unity whilst advocating the Singapore gotong-royong spirit.

The Purple Parade
Our mosque participates in the annual event “The Purple Parade.” The event supports inclusion and celebrates abilities which are in line with the mosque direction.

The Lecture Roadshow for Deaf Muslims
It is a series of lectures with various topics, specially organized with an interpreter for our deaf muslim.

Sign Language Course
To be the inclusive Mosque,  Al-Islah mosque has organized  sign language for the staff and volunteers, as well as all congregants.

Interfaith Dialogue
It is a joint effort with other Religious Organizations in Punggol. This dialogue acts as a platform for all representatives to exchange ideas and thoughts regarding any issue related to common concern e.g. covid-19.

Family Development Program: Cinta Abadi
This programme sets the stage for soon-to-wed couples to learn and discover more about themselves and their partners. Through a variety of interactive activities, you will think through issues in a marriage and learn about effective communication and managing expectations and challenges in



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