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aLIVE Classes

At Al-Islah Mosque, we strive to provide a holistic and integrated learning of the aLIVE syllabus. The programmes are made relevant according to the development of kids, tweens, teens and youth. It is designed to inspire students to continue learning and practice Islamic values every day. Additionally, the use of IT through videos as well as presentations will be pervasively used to enhance your child’s learning experience. The aLIVE Education here will be guided by our dedicated group of Asatizah. They will not only focus on each and every child but will mentor and support your child’s development and achievement as well as to encourage your child to overcome their shortcomings in accordance to Islamic teaching. In short, we strive to create appropriate, meaningful and participative learning situations, inculcating our Prophet's ethics into the children's lives. Come and join us here in developing our future Khalifah.


To pur your child's name for our aLIVE Waiting List 2021, you may click this link: Here

*To view our Parent-Student Handbook 2021 click: Here

aLIVE Class Fees
The fees for the aLIVE Programme are as follows:

1. aLIVE Programme: $35 per month (applicable from January to December)

2. Education Fee: $70 per year
(Inclusive of books, handbooks, progress reports, printed letters, learning materials, learning journey, students insurance, children and youth day gift and class photo)

3. Registration Fee: $10 (one-time payment for new student ONLY)
Students who require financial assistance may apply for the Islamic Education Fund (IEF). Any further enquiries you may call Al-Islah Mosque Office or email us at

FEES Breakdown 35

 Mode of payment accepted: CASH/NETS/CHEQUE

1. Payment by CASH/CHEQUE at Main Office, Level 1

Operating Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 10:00am to 4:00pm

2. Payment via ONLINE
  1. Payment via GIRO

For your convenience and to save time by skipping the queue for payment, we highly encourage parents to make monthly fee payments via GIRO


1) Submit Application

To sign up, simply download the application form at this link

Submit the completed form at our Main Counter or you may mail it to: Al-Islah Mosque – GIRO Matter Madrasah, 30 Punggol Field Singapore 828812

You may obtain the form and sign up at our Main Counter.

2) Application Result

You will receive a letter on the status of your GIRO application within one month.

IEF (Islamic Education Fund)
The Islamic Education Fund (IEF) offers fees subsidies for mosque aLIVE madrasah students who come from low-income families. The IEF schemes are based on Per Capita Income (PCI) criteria. Parents who intend or plan to apply for child subsidy may click Here

All completed form and required supporting documents are to be submitted latest by 31st January 2021.

1. Needy Students Grant (NSG)
For families from a household of monthly Per Capita Income (PCI) of $0-500.
Total Amount Received
Maximum madrasah fee subsidy of $400/student/year.

2. Family Support Rebate (FSR)
For families from a household of monthly Per Capita Income (PCI) of $501-750 and with 2 or more children in mosque madrasah.
Total Amount Received
Madrasah fee subsidy of $60/student/year. *You may learn more through the link below:

aLIVE Madrasah Session

aLIVE Madrasah Session
Monday PM Session 5pm-8pm
Tuesday PM Session 3pm-6pm
Wednesday PM Session 3pm-6pm
Thursday AM Session 830am-1130am
Thursday PM Session 3pm-6pm
Friday PM Session 5pm-8pm
Saturday Session 1 8am-11am
Saturday Session 2 1130am-230pm
Saturday Session 3 3pm-6pm
Sunday Session 1 8am-11am
Sunday Session 2 1130am-230pm



Madrasah Calendar of Events 2021

Date/Month/Day Madrasah Event
11 January (Mon) onwards Start of aLIVE Madrasah Term 1
31 January (Sun) IEF Last Submission
1 – 7 February (Mon – Sun) Firedrill
22 March (Mon) onwards Start of aLIVE Madrasah Term 2
22 – 28 March (Mon – Sun) The Prophet Who Loves Green Event
22 – 28 March (Mon – Sun) Ramadan Revised Schedule Circular
3 April (Mon) onwards Donation Card Distribution
15 April (Thu) onwards Start of Ramadan Schedule
28 June (Mon) onwards Start of aLIVE Madrasah Term 3
28 June – 4 July (Mon – Sun) Class Photo Session
10 – 18 July (Mon – Tue) Hari Raya Haji Acitivity
31 July (Sun) onwards Donation Card Submission
13 September (Mon) onward Start of aLIVE Madrasah Term 4
8 – 14 November (Mon – Sun) Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC)
20 November (Sun) Graduation Day (Haflah)


Holiday (Madrasah Closure) 2021

Date/Month Madrasah Event
12 – 14 January (Fri – Sun) Chinese New Year Holiday
15 – 21 March (Mon – Sun) Term 1 Break
2 April (Fri) Good Friday
11 – 14 April (Fri – Sun) Terawih Holiday
1 – 2 May (Sat-Sun) Labour Day
10 – 23 May Hari Raya Holiday
26 May (Wed) Vesak Day
31 May – 27 Jun (Sat – Sun) Term 2 Break
19 & 20 July (Mon & Tue) Hari Raya Haji
9 & 10 August (Sun & Mon) National Day
3 – 5 September (Fri – Sun) Teachers Day
6 – 12 September (Mon – Sun) Term 3 Break
4 November (Sat) Deepavali Holiday
29 November – 2 January 2022 Term 4 Break

*Any changes to the dates above, we will inform via circular



Weekly Dua' Recitations

Zikir Before Assembly

Dua During Assembly

Dua After Lesson 1

Dua After Lesson 2

Dua After Solat



aLIVE Madrasah Circulars

All circulars will be shared via your DIIBEAR app. If you have forgotten your username or password do email us


Madrasah Photo Gallery

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Holiday Programmes

Come and join us this holiday as we embark on some exciting and informative programmes for our young ones! Our programmes are designed to hone your child's daily Islamic practices as well as ignite their senses, imagination and creativity.

Register here

Fun Arabic Series - Series 3 (2019)

Fun Arabic Series - Series 3 (2019)

REGISTER NOW! Click HERE to register

Letters ط - ك and Body Parts in Arabic
Tuesday to Wednesday, 10 to 11 September 2019
2pm to 4pm

For age 5 and 7 years old
Fee: $35

This programme is part of a 4 part series. The content will be on the basic understanding of the Arabic letters in single form or jointed. They will also learn Arabic numbers, colours, names of body parts and basic arabic conversational words.

Fiqh For Beginners

Fiqh For Beginners

1) Thoharoh

Learn about the inportance of cleanliness in Islam, types of Impurities and ways of ritual cleansing.
Tuesday, 10 September 2019
10am to 12pm
Fee: $10

REGISTER NOW! Click HERE to register

2) Travellers

Learn about the importance of Solat while travelling and knowledge about jamak and qasar

Tuesday, 10 September 2019
2pm to 4pm
Tuesday, 10 September 2019
2pm to 4pm
REGISTER NOW! Click HERE to register



QITA (Quran and Iqra' Training @ Al-Islah)


Madrasah - Clinic Al-Quran

Madrasah - Clinic Al-Quran

At Al-Islah Mosque, we wanted to create that flexibility for people who are working and on the same time wanted to learn the Holy Quran. As we see, a one on one session will be more beneficial than a class based session, we come up with Clinic Al-Quran to cater to the needs of the working environment here in Singapore. Participants need to come to the mosque and book their session on the day and time given.

Clinic Al-Quran Fees
The fees are as follows:
1. 4 slots: $30 per month * 15 minute per slot
2. Registration Fee: $10 (one-time payment)

Clinic Al-Quran Schedule
1. Tuesday and Wednesday (4.00pm-8.15pm)
2. Friday and Saturday (6.30pm-8.15pm)

View the available time slots HERE
Come down to our Mosque Office to book your slots NOW!

View FAQ hereHERE



Basic Quranic Class

Basic Quranic Class (New Registration in June 2021)

Basic Quranic Class (New Registration in June 2021)

Thursday, 7.30 – 9.00 pm


Masjid Al-Islah, 30 Punggol Field

Click below for registration




Tahfiz Programme

Night Tahfiz @ Al-Islah

Night Tahfiz @ Al-Islah

Thursday, 7.45 – 9.45 pm

18 year and below : $40 / month
19 years and above : $60 / month
$20 for first-time registration

VENUE Masjid Al-Islah, 30 Punggol
Click here for more info and registration :



Mendaki Tuition Scheme - 2019 Registrations

Mendaki Tuition Scheme 2021 (Registration Closed)
Mendaki Tuition Scheme(MTS) is now at Al-Islah Mosque. REGISTRATION OPENS on 17 NOVEMBER 2019 !
Please register at
All enquiries you can refer to this link:

Mendaki Tuition Scheme Schedule

Day Time Levels Subject Duration
Monday 6.00pm - 7.30pm P4, P5 & P6 Maths Standard 1.5hrs
Wednesday 6.00pm - 7.30pm P4, P5 & P6 English Standard 1.5hrs



Mendaki Homework Cafe (MHC)

The programme aims to provide a conducive environment for Malay/Muslim students to complete their school work. Together with community partners such as the community centres and mosques, the MENDAKI Homework Cafe aims to reach out and extend academic support and/or assistance to needy Malay/Muslim students. The scheme is open to primary and secondary students and cover the English and Mathematics subjects.
MHC Eligibility Criteria
 - Applicant must be a Muslim Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident;      
The family’s net monthly household income* is not exceeding $1,800, or the net monthly per capita income is not exceeding $450; OR is currently a recipient of the Ministry Of Education Financial Assistance Scheme (MOE FAS)   
- Applicant must be a full-time student attending a Government School, Government Aided School, Autonomous School,  Independent School and Madrasahs.   
-The applicant must not be attending tuition at any one of MENDAKI’s tuition programmes or any other tuition programmes  supported by MENDAKI such as Self-Help Groups (SHG) tuition programmes, and community tuition programmes run by  RCs/CCs.     
*Net monthly household income refers to the basic salary, excluding overtime pay, commissions, other allowances and one-twelfth of annual bonuses.
2019 Registration is OPEN. You may follow 1 of the registration ways below:
1.  You may download the forms here:
  • Attached with supporting documents
  • Fill up all parts and sign form to submit at CSO office 
2.  OR, you may fill in the online Registration Form here:  
  • Fill up all parts of the form 
  • Send supporting document to AND indicate child name at the email's subject matter. 
  • Officer in-charge will do the following up via email 

  • Mendaki Homework Cafe (MHC)



Family Development Programme

Strengthening Family Series




14 March 2020
10AM - 2PM
Masjid Al-Islah

$20 per pax
*Notes and refreshments provided
REGISTER NOW! Click HERE to register