Lectures/ Events

A lecture is a common platform for the Muslim community to interact with qualified teachers, as well as to gain knowledge through discussion of topics that shapes the intellect, spiritualilty and the daily practices of a Muslim.

This lecture platform is also well suited for families to gather, performing ittikaf in the house of Allah to strengthen the understanding of Islam and also the relationship between them.



Adult Islamic Education Courses

Structured Islamic education is very important for every individual Muslim who wants to know and understand Islam in a holistic manner. Students will be taken through a curriculum that is built appropriately to the context of life in Singapore while also learning the treasures held in tradition and appreciating the extensive knowledge of Islam.

Masjid Al-Islah is an ADIL center which provides courses based on the curriculum built by Office of the Mufti. You may register for these informative courses at https://learnislam.sg/adil/



Daily Kuliah




Here at Al-Islah Mosque, we provide monthly tahnik services for our Muslim community. The tahnik service will be carried out by our Imam and we will present you with a Certificate of Participation as well as a token of our appreciation.

Tahnik is the act of feeding or placing date or honey into the mouth of a newborn or on the baby's palate. Narrates Aishah (wife of the Prophet, may Allah bless her): People used to bring their newborn children to the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), and he would bless them and perform the tahnik ceremony.

Tahnik is a sunnah and therefore it is highly encouraged for newborns in Islam.

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